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About The Farm

Our farm in Đắk Nông is located in the southern part of the Central Highlands, about 500m above sea level and bordering Dak Lak Province in the north, Lam Dong Province in the south-east and Binh Phuoc Province and Cambodia in the west.

With a 110,000 square meters of land, our farm has been growing Coffee, Pepper and over 5 different varieties of fruits, producing over 65,000 kilograms of produce per year. On top of that, we are educating families on local agriculture through online training and resources to help spread the importance of agriculture in the life of any country and more specially of Vietnam.

Our Technology

Through technology, we are able to produce more
with less, while protecting the environment

Automatic Irrigation System

Our state-of-the-art Automatic Irrigation System help us to irrigate our plants across our farm and also to conserve water, thereby improving our society.



With the help of tracks and tracktors, we are able to transport our products fast and efficiently.


Plowing motorbike

Our Plowing motorbikes help us to easily transport harvests from our farm to storage facilities or nearby markets for sale.